Our commitment will be to the independence and dignity of our residents as well as their care!

Situated in a safe, quiet neighborhood, yet close to commerce, churches, major hospitals, and a world-class senior center, Angel House offers the ideal balance of privacy and accessibility. Angel House is more than just a place to live. You will have comfortable surroundings and ample amenities. At Angel House, we believe in celebrating life and prolonging your independence. 

The spacious living quarters at Angel House are home to four individually decorated rooms, with a total of six resident beds. The rooms are given individual attention to enhance to home-like atmosphere. The master suite generously accommodates two residents, including a separate private bath.

Angel House Needs Your Time and Your Compassion for Seniors

Angel House is a non-profit human service agency, providing housing and healthcare assistance and education, daycare, social services and recreational activities to improve the quality of life for seniors and their caregivers.

Doreen Campbell, local Realtor, Appraiser and housing Educator, founded Angel House to advocate for quality, affordable senior care, to give a voice to seniors and their families, and to help south Floridians with the many housing challenges we face today.

Baby Boomers are caught between the needs of our children and our aging parents. Everyone’s living longer – now it becomes a Quality of Life issue for south Florida’s retirees And their families. Like our children, our folks don’t come with instructions. They may be fearful or actively resistant to leaving their homes - how can we make sure they’re Safe and Happy, and how can we make that move Affordable and Nurturing? What can We do to avoid the cognitive decline and memory loss they’re experiencing today? Call Angel House to do a Seminar for your Group of 20 or more (business, churches, clubs, HOA/Condos…) To Learn How!

A few years ago, we could easily buy a bigger home to move our folks in with us. Today, we’re working two jobs or trying to find one, to hang onto the home we have – mom/dad are once again “home alone” and the property tax is Killing us! Call Doreen Now for Expert home valuation for Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Tax Appeals, Sale/Purchase and More!

Florida’s MedicAid Diversion Program was created to give seniors & their families more Choice, and to avoid forcing them into nursing homes. My own Dad feared death Less than a nursing home. That fund is now Frozen, and We Don’t Care Why… This is not about politics, but about Compassionate, Affordable Care that Improves Florida Seniors’ Quality of Life.
FL Dept of Elder Affairs: 850-414-2000 (Ask them to UnFreeze Medicaid Diversion)

Please Join Angel House and Help Florida’s Seniors

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Doreen Campbell
Administrator & Founder
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From Angel House, our Assisted Living Facility in Pembroke Pines, we provide compassionate senior living services for senior adults throughout Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Cooper City, Davie, Miramar, Sunrise, Plantation, Weston, Hallandale, Miami Lake, Southwest Ranches, Coral Springs, Broward County, and Dade County.